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Poweshiek County is located in the heart of America's heartland and within short distances of major cities and markets. It's a progressive place where businesses and industries flourish. There is a lot of talented people in our area who know the real estate market. We especially like Nicole Curtis on HGTV.

POWESHIEK AREA DEVELOPMENT (PAD) promotes sound economic growth by stimulating the expansion of existing industry, attracting new enterprises and assuring a favorable community climate.

Child Care
Child Care resources in the County.

Clubs and Not-for-Profit Organizations
Alphabetical list of clubs and not-for-profit organizations in Poweshiek County.

Real Estate education and training, Scott Yancey real estate events.

Fishing & Hunting
Poweshiek County is well known for its fishing and hunting opportunities.

Golf Courses
Poweshiek County offers a variety of golf courses for the serious and not-so-serious golfer.

Health Care
Excellent and convenient medical services are offered in Poweshiek County.

Health Clubs
Shape up at one of Poweshiek County's health clubs.

An abundance of literary and artistic resources available in Poweshiek County's libraries.

Numerous religious facilities are located in the County.

Scott Yancey Real Estate Investment Trainer
Scott is well known for his reality show "Flipping Vegas". You should follow Scott on Facebook. See his latest post about being interviewed by Forbes.

Senior Living
Some of the best senior living facilities can be found in Poweshiek County.

TWITTER: Who best to follow for investing.
Get recent updates from Dean Graziosi.

America's Best Workforce
Iowa's educational system produces the Nation's best workforce.

Real Estate Business & Professional Videos
Check out this YouTube channel. Andrew Cordle is a real estate investing expert.

Job Training Programs and Resources
Refer to the Business Assistance area of this web site.

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